About Ear, Nose & Throat

Ear, Nose & Throat Center at Maroof International Hospital is a fully established department with a dedicated ENT Team of consultants. We provide individualized treatment and service specifically for our patients. Our highly skilled surgeons are not only experts in treating patient’s ENT problems, but they also understand the worries that patients often have. We deliver a full range of services to treat common ENT complaints such as: persistently runny or blocked noses, breathing problems, throat infections, nasal speech and snoring. These are often caused by recurrent infections, such as colds, adenoidal problems, an allergic lining of the nose (called rhinitis), or allergies such as hay fever.

We Offer

  1. Patient-centered service, where we deal with patients individually offering them super-specialist service related to their condition in a short waiting time.
  2. Consultants are leaders in their fields of work and nationally and internationally renowned.
  3. Surgical and medical management for all the patients solely or in conjunction with colleagues in other departments.
  4. A full-range service for complex nasal and sinus conditions and managing allergic conditions in conjunction with our allergy colleagues.
  5. Specialist otology (ear) services.
  6. An on call specialist service. This is available by referral from A&E or a Consultant.
  7. A pre-admission assessment service to help our patients understand more about their stay and make their time in hospital less daunting.
  8. Hearing loss, tinnitus, earache, ear infection, facial pain, balance disorders, aesthetic external ear deformity
  9. Voice disorders, difficulty with swallowing
  10. Nasal / sinus conditions, lacrimal duct disease, post-traumatic nasal deformity, facial skin tumours
  11. Thyroid and parathyroid swelling, lumps in the neck, salivary gland disease, cancer of the head and neck.

In Pre and Post Op cases role of physiotherapy is most important. Over two third of pregnant women experience back pain, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence in their first pregnancy.

  1. Physiotherapist directed pelvic floor muscle training to prevent urinary incontinence during pregnancy and after delivery.
  2. Physiotherapist directed core stability training to prevent and treat back and pelvic pain during and following pregnancy.

Our Team

  • Dr. Asad Qayyum

    Dr. Asad Qayyum

  • Dr. Tallat Najeeb

    Dr. Tallat Najeeb

    ENT Specialist
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