“Hypertension is an important risk factor for kidney disease, but dietary sodium has other damaging effects on the kidneys. High salt intake drives the production of oxygen radicals, leading to oxidative stress in kidney tissue.”

— Joel Fuhrman

About Nephrology

Maroof has a well-established Nephrology Unit which is under the direct supervision of Consultant Nephrologists and team. The Nephrology division at Maroof international hospital strives to provide patient-centered care to all our outpatients and inpatients.

Our team is headed by a US Board certified full-time Nephrologist and includes two other US Board certified/ FCPS qualified Nephrologists , who also do outpatient clinics and have admitting and consultancy privileges. We are ably supported by our pathology and radiology services including ultrasound guided kidney biopsies. We have expertise in treating a wide spectrum of renal and electrolyte disorders.

Our hemodialysis patients are cared for in a clean and safe environment, adjacent to the Emergency department, by an experienced team of Nephrology Fellowship trained Medical officer, Dialysis Nurses/ technicians in turn under the supervision of consultant Nephrologists in three shifts from Monday to Saturday. The Head of Nephrology monitors overall quality of dialysis services.

We have 6 Gambro machines including dedicated Hepatitis C negative machines , a Hep C positive machine and dedicated ICU and inpatient machines. Hepatitis B machines will be provided in the future. Peritoneal dialysis services shall be offered upon expansion of the unit. Our Urology team places and removes permcaths and we have experienced sugeons performing AV fistulas. Internal Jugular and Femoral Hemodialysis catheters are placed by ICU trained Physicians. Consultative Nephrology is supported by a dedicated state of the art ICU.

Renal transplantation ( Urology and Nephrology) clinics are operational. Transplant services are being resumed under a team of US Board certified/ FCPS qualified Urology and Nephrology HOTA registered team, offering live related or deceased donor transplantation exclusively.

Main areas of the services are:

  1. Clinical Nephrology
  2. Dialysis
  3. Renal transplantation

Note: Practice limited to Adult Nephrology

Head doctors

  • Prof. K.H. Mujtaba Quadri

    Dr. Humayun Rashid

  • Dr. Humayun Rashid

    Dr. Humayun Rashid

  • Dr. Sameeh J. Khan

    Dr. Sameeh J. Khan