“We hate to make them cry. Your kid’s health is our joy. Committed to secure your child’s health, because these small adults have more value.”


Maroof’s efforts of taking healthcare to the next level are not just limited to the adults but the children’s health is considered no less. To provide them with a healthy life, Maroof International Hospital has a fully developed and operative Children’s Centre and provides both inpatient and outpatient care. The unit has been designed specifically for children with bright and welcoming play room and sitting room to ensure children are as relaxed and happy as possible during their time in hospital. The atmosphere is friendly and we always aim to deliver high standards of individualized care for all children and their families.

We aim to provide the best possible quality health care services to infants, children and young people, (whether they are acutely ill or living with a chronic disease) in a holistic manner and in the most appropriate setting. We have a number of competent and foreign qualified consultants and specialist nurses supporting and providing care to children.

MIH is proud to announce the opening of a fully operative Pediatric IPD. It includes 5 rooms, 10 beds, acute emergency room and a basic treatment room. It also has a colorful play area with toys, cartoons and playful activities for kids to enjoy and be comfortable. This IPD is supervised by a team of consultants with international experience, competent medical officers and nursing staff. The aim is to ensure the provision of best health facilities for kids in no time.

Our services comprise:

    1. Assessment and management of acutely unwell children.
    2. Assessment, inpatient treatment if necessary or interval review of children referred by their GP or presenting to the emergency department.
    3. An outpatient service for children requiring secondary level pediatric care.
    4. Immunization and vaccination of newborn infants and children.
The Children’s Centre at MAROOF International Hospital develops, manages, and introduces a variety of community initiatives and services aimed at enabling children, young people, and families to realize their full potential.