It is an honour and privilege as the inaugural Chair of the Maroof International Hospital research department, to invite you to explore the world of translational research with a particular emphasis on patient -centered clinical research.

– Message from inaugural Chair, Research

Mission Statement

Maroof research department is committed to patient-centered translational research,  through capacity building and conduct of ethical studies, bridging bench, bedside and the community at large, leading to improved health outcomes (Ilman Nafiah)

Aims :

We hope to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in health sciences through  provision of research education for multidisciplinary health professionals, not limited to Maroof International Hospital.

We are committed to  reviewing all health related research proposals emanating from the Maroof team and to make recommendations for amendments and/or approval after  following all the Institional review board and ethics committee required procedures.

Our scope is also extendable to collaborative international,  national and local health related research with a particular emphasis on DRAP approved clinical trials.

We have as an inaugural capacity building effort, successfully conducted the NIH (USA ) Introduction to principles and practice of clinical research between April and June 2020. Our participants included Consultants, Assistant Consultants,  Senior Medical officers and regional University faculty members.

Our vision is to utilize both online and onsite formats to educate aspiring health professions students, house officers, residents,  fellows and early to mid career professionals in the core principles and practice of clinical research. We shall be following adult learning principles and a flipped classroom zoom based format for the foreseeable future.

Our research endeavours will include Phase 111 clinical trials, observational studies and surveys through approved research grants , academic and industry sponsors ensuring full compliance, with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) endorsed by DRAP and international regulators as relevant.

We hope to serve as an approved regional clinical trials site for international Contract research organisations.

We are keen to contribute inshallah to knowledge translation for Pakistan and the global community.

Come visit us !

Professor K H Mujtaba Quadri MBBS,

Diplomate American Boards of Internal Medicine and Nephrology,

Certified in Principles and practice of clinical research (Harvard)

Remote site Chair, NIH (USA) Introduction to principles and practice of clinical research (IPPCR)




Clinical Research Education: ” Clinical research made easy” – an in-house quarterly research education program

NIH(USA): Introduction to principles and practice of clinical research (IPPCR) web-based certification program:

  • Research summer school
  • Research autumn session
  • Research winter session
  • Research spring session

Clinical research quarterly mentorship program:

A three-month blended onsite and web-based theory and practice-based certification program for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals

Research Forum:

WhatsApp group for sharing educational articles and clarification of key concepts

Research proposal support program: review and processing

Clinical research management and quality assurance: Academic and industry sponsored clinical trials