eMaroof Home Lab services offer the convenience & comfort of going through required diagnostic testing from a quality lab in the comfort of your home.

At eMaroof, we work hard to provide world-class, high-quality, and cost-effective diagnostic services, which are critical to providing excellent patient care. Our home blood sample collection service provides accurate testing for all of our patients, improving diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring. Patients may rest certain that they will obtain clinically significant findings in a timely manner. We come to your home fully equipped for blood draws, sample collection and guidance and ensure you get a hassle free, safe, and secure experience when you opt-in for our services.


  • Home visit by qualified Phlebotomist for sample collection

  • Quality laboratory testing services under supervision of a qualified and experienced team for
    authentic and reliable results

Note: Timing of sample collecting  09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)